My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

For most of my life, my hair has been the bane of my existence. That may sound a little dramatic, but from a very young age I absolutely hated my hair. I dreamed of having long, straight, shiny blonde or brunette hair like the girls in my class. When I got older, I did everything I could to get the red tones out of my hair. I was constantly getting highlights, and used a flat iron to straighten my hair nearly every day. Needless to say, my hair was wrecked.

I have finally reached a point in my life where I am embracing my natural hair color, and although I still have some issues with breakage, my hair is healthier than ever. I am very careful about the type of products and styling tools that I use, and I am excited to share some of my favorites with you!

My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

My Favorite Hair Tools and Products          My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

First, let’s talk hair tools. Even though I am super conscious about avoiding hair damage, that doesn’t mean I don’t use styling tools. I am, however, careful about which ones I use and how I use them. I really love my T3 Convertible Collection of interchangeable wands. I have 7 different attachments that I can use with the Convertible Base, depending on which curl style I want for that particular day. My most used one is the Undone Waves attachment. I typically curl my hair every 3 or 4 days, so my hair gets a little rest from the heat during that time.

I try to let my hair air dry most of the time (wash my hair at night and it’s dry by morning), but there are days when I have to wash it in the morning and rush off somewhere. For those instances, I have been using the T3 Cura Luxe hair dryer. It dries my hair so fast, and it’s so sleek! I use a medium heat setting, and have noticed that my hair is not as frizzy since I started using it.

My Favorite Hair Tools and Products          My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

My Favorite Hair Tools and Products          My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

In terms of hair products, there are several that I use religiously and some that I switch up from time to time. My shampoo and conditioner is something that changes a lot, and most recently I have been using the Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. It has a very subtle scent, and it does a great job of cutting through my dry shampoo build up. My hair gets super tangled after I wash it, but when I use the Juice Organics conditioner it seems to detangle much easier. I also really like everything from Nexxus, especially their Diametress Volume Shampoo and Leave In Conditioning Creme.

Before blow drying, I love using the BC Bonacure Smoothing Cream or the Fave 4 Hair Blowout Cream. The best hair brush EVER for blow drying is the Verb Blow Dry Brush. It has open vents to help hair dry smoother and faster. If I feel that my hair needs a little extra smoothing and shine, I spray on the Alterna Caviar Topcoat Shine Spray. It really makes a difference!

Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press is great to spray on dry hair before curling. It gives me the perfect amount of hold without making my hair feel stiff. Plus, it’s a heat protectant, so I know that my styling tools aren’t doing any damage.

And last, but not least, DRY SHAMPOO! You guys, this is what gets me through those in-between wash days. I have always had super oily hair, and I used to wash it way too often because it just felt oily and gross by Day 2. Now that I know how to use dry shampoo the right way, I can go 3-4 days between washes. The trick? Apply dry shampoo right after you have washed and dried your hair. That’s right – on Day 1. I was always waiting until it got super oily to apply it, and that doesn’t really work for me. Lately, I have been using the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam on my roots immediately after drying my hair, and then I use the Klorane Dry Shampoo as needed up until wash day. This stuff is magical!

My Favorite Hair Tools and Products

Your styling routine and the products you use can make or break your hair (literally). I can finally say that I LOVE my hair, and that is something I never ever thought would happen. I would love to hear about your hair routine and what tools and products you’re loving. Anything I should try? Send me a message and tell me all about it!




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  1. I love this post! Have always wanted to try the T3 products. I would love to send you some samples of Monat – it’s the toxin-free haircare like that has been a GAME CHANGER for my terrible hair. Even when I was a news anchor, my mom would be watching and would call me because my hair looked so bad. Now, I have strangers complimenting my hair!

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